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Muscles with weight gain

Cheap Foods for Healthy Weight Gain and Muscle Building

by Matjaž Macuh The basis of any muscle building nutritional regimen is a caloric surplus which relates to an individual eating more calories than he/she burn throughout the day. Energy surpluses should be of small to moderate amount (up to 500 kcal/day) in order to minimize fat gain during massing phases. Staying in states of energy surpluses for […]

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Martial arts and body weight exercise at Echo Mountain

8 Reasons to Consider Bodyweight Exercises

by Brenda Wallace When many consider exercising, they think about going to the gym, lifting weights, and running on the treadmill.  There’s an entirely different world out there for exercise, one which was around long before the expensive gyms and the contraptions that can be found there.  Before the gym, people were exercising with bodyweight exercises. […]

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