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Ways to Give Your Hair a Treat for Healthier Looking Hair

by Lily Fox Hair can become easily damaged. This is particularly true if you use a lot of drying and chemical treatments. Long term hair damage can lead to permanent scalp problems, and can cause hair to fall out, or to become very dry. So it is important to regularly give your hair a rejuvenating […]

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How to Remove Skin Tags At Home

by Jane Chitty When skin tags first appear, they look the same on everyone – small soft bumps that seem to hang from the skin. There is no pain and you can easily twist them. Those early stages are the best time to remove skin tags with a skin tag home remedy. Later, skin tags […]

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sugar the silent menace

Sugar: The Silent Menace On Your Youthful Looks

by Rachel Thomas These days almost anything and everything comes with some kind of health warning. Some are obvious and carry large warning labels such as tobacco products or addictive medication, whilst others like tanning or junk food we hear about through the media and small print. It’s a scientifically accepted fact that smoking causes […]

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Save Money With Med Spa Services That You Can Do At Home

by Carleen Pruess Coulter Med spa treatments can be luxurious and truly rejuvenating. However, they tend to be pricey and time consuming. A mixture between a day spa and a medical clinic, med spas provide medically supervised treatments, such as laser hair removal, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, photofacials, and injectables. These treatments are often more powerful than […]

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