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8 Reasons For You To Get Your Toddler Join You For Yoga

by Annie Jones The art of doing yoga has been in existence for more than a thousand years now. Many people dedicate some time of their day attending yoga classes or doing yoga exercises on their own. Millions of adults are known to have been benefitted by yoga. However, in recent times the practice of […]

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Simple Diet Changes for Breastfeeding Moms to Relieve Infant Colic

by Dawn Dodge Here’s an all-too-common scenario: it’s a month or so after your perfect new baby is born, and you’ve spent exhausting hours overcoming several breastfeeding challenges because you want your son or daughter to have the best possible start in life…you’re starting to get the hang of it…only to be faced more and […]

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How to Stay Healthy and Active After Baby

There is no argument that having a baby changes everything including your body. To many this can be discouraging if you value your health & fitness. I urge you to remember that the ultimate goal is to sustain optimal health and balanced energy to be the best mom you can be for baby. The advice […]

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Mother and Baby

4 Ways to Keep Your Baby Healthy and Save Money

by Heather Green Babies get sick. A lot. They suffer minor colds and flu, ear infections, fevers, stuffy noses, upset tummies, and just general unexplained illness. They catch sickness from other children at daycare. They catch it from strangers in public, your family members, your friends. Their immune systems are not yet fully developed, and […]

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