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pocket yoga app

Top 5 Budget Yoga Apps for your Smart Phone

by Anna Cook As a Yoga instructor of course I prefer that my students come to class and pay me hourly for their instruction, it’s a business after all. However, for those who can’t get to class, wish to save money by doing yoga at home, or prefer attempting the poses in the comfort of […]

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epocrates rx for iphone

Popular Mobile Apps for Doctors

by Katerina Merzlova Mobile technologies have “invaded” almost every sphere of life. There are lots of talks about the use of innovative mobile approaches in medical treatment. Dozens of mobile apps have been developed for patients for tracing their conditions and for keeping fit. However, not only the cure side is covered by this type of […]

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7 Mobile Apps That Make Fitness Fun

by Grady Winston People are more likely to do a task more often if they’re having fun while doing so. Sounds obvious, right? What’s fun is appealing; it’s human nature. The Mayo Clinic assures us that the same simple principle applies to exercise. Of course, tastes vary, and what’s fun to one person may seem […]

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