Schisandra to Improve Your Concentration and More

Do you have difficulty with concentration? Schisandra can help. Schisandra, also called the magnolia vine, is perennial vine native to East Asia. It produces small, red berries value for their medicinal and ornamental properties. It can help improve your concentration and memory while fighting fatigue and more!

How to Use Schisandra to Improve Your Concentration

If you have difficulty concentrating, it could be due to age, stress, lack of sleep, food allergies, autoimmune disease, poor diet or attention deficit disorder. Whatever the cause, people with poor memory and concentration may find lasting relief from the schisandra berry.

You can make a tea using 1-2 teaspoons of schisandra berries. Add them to 8-10 ounces of water and simmer for ten minutes. Then, steep for twenty more minutes before drinking. You can also use 20-40 drops in an alcoholic tincture 2-3 times per day. Schisandra also comes in capsule form. To improve your concentration, it is recommended that you take 400-500 milligrams 2-3 times per day.

Other Health Benefits of Schisandra

Schisandra is considered an adaptogenic, meaning continued use of it can help your body adapt to its environment and heal on its own. In addition to improving your concentration, schisandra can also help alleviate some of these other health conditions:

  1. Heals Damaged Liver

If you regularly imbibe on too much alcohol, schisandra is the tonic for you. Studies have shown that this berry can help heal the damage to the liver associated with excessive alcohol use. It may actually help re-grow cells damaged by hepatitis. (Though excessive alcohol use is never recommended, even with a tonic that can help heal your liver.)

  1. Increases Physical Stamina

Stress, age, poor diet, and sedentary lifestyle can all contribute to chronic fatigue. The schisandra berry can help alleviate this fatigue by improving mental clarity, physical stamina, and creating an overall sense of well-being.

  1. Boosts Immune System

If you’re susceptible to chronic colds and flu, a cup or two of schisandra tea can go a long way in boosting your immune system and keeping the doctor away!

  1. Improves Your Response to Stress

Oftentimes, it isn’t the stress that gets to us, it’s our body’s ability (or inability) to adapt to it. If you’ve ever heard the old-fashioned term, “delicate constitution”, it describes someone who is easy to fall ill or succumb to emotional distress. This doesn’t mean the person is weak, it just means the body and mind need a little more support. Schisandra can provide this support. Taken in tea, tincture or capsule form, these berries can strengthen the “constitution” and improve your body’s response to stress.

  1. Eases Upper Respiratory Congestion

Another health benefit of schisandra is its anti-inflammatory abilities. It can help ease the discomfort of asthma by opening up airways and keeping them free of mucus and congestion.

  1. Reduces Cardiovascular Problems

Heart disease affects millions of men and women each year. Schisandra can help relax tight blood vessels and improve blood circulation, which may help prevent heart attack and stroke.

  1. Fights Inflammation

Schisandra is a powerful anti-inflammatory that can help ease suffering from chronic fatigue and pain.

  1. Acts as an Aphrodisiac

Another surprising health benefit of schisandra is its ability to improve your love life. Schisandra improves blood flow to the genital regions, improving erection strength and staying power for men and clitoral sensitivity for women.


As with any natural herb, it’s important to understand there could be side effects associated with it. Schisandra may cause heartburn in sensitive individuals. If you are pregnant, do not use this herb as it may cause uterine contractions and premature labor. Also, do not use this herb if you are breastfeeding without first consulting your doctor. If you’re taking any prescription medications, especially blood thinners, do not take this herb without speaking with your doctor first.

If you want to improve your concentration and your body’s ability to cope with stress, try schisandra. It can be taken in tea, tincture or capsule form to heal what ails you and encourage your body to heal itself!

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