Popular Mobile Apps for Doctors

by Katerina Merzlova

Mobile technologies have “invaded” almost every sphere of life. There are lots of talks about the use of innovative mobile approaches in medical treatment. Dozens of mobile apps have been developed for patients for tracing their conditions and for keeping fit.

However, not only the cure side is covered by this type of technologies, but also there are lots of very decent mobile applications that can help doctors in their job. And today we will talk out some of them.

1. Epocrates Rx

This application can be called an encyclopedia of drugs.

The images are followed by the clear description, information about side effects, and even about the possible consequences of the “drug cocktail” that may be prescribed to the patient (thanks to the multicheck feature).

epocrates rx for iphoneAnother interesting feature of the application is the ability to identify the drug itself that was given to the patient (on the base of the color, shape, etc).

The application is available for any device: iPhones, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile.

Even though the price is a bit high (about $199/a year), the functional range costs the money.

You can find out more about Epocrates Rx here.

2. Medscape

medscape appTo some extent this medscape app can be called a light version of Epocrates Rx.

There are no library of drugs and clinical references. But the price is free.

It is an app developed for iPhone and Blackberry users.

You can find out more about the medscape app here.


3. Medcalc

medcalc appJust as you might have guessed from the name it is a medical calculator which supports both US and SI units.

The free iPhone application is developed to process various medical formulas.

The medical app has a possibility to make a formulas search based on keyword or names.

You can find out more about the medcalc app here.

4. Medical Lab Tests

medical lab tests mobile appThis application is also very useful for doctors.

It is made for doctors to have a reference to the data (US and SI units) about normal lab values of the most common clinical tests.

The users will also get options of search and recently viewed features.

The app is available for iPhone users who will have to pay $5.99.

You can find out more about the medical lab tests app here.

5. Dr. Rounds

dr. rounds appIt is almost a must-have application for those doctors who want to keep all the records about the patient’s conditions in one place and to have access to them 24/7.

The Dr.Rounds app will track the visits made, the diagnosis set, procedures prescribed, and so forth.

The application also reduces the amount of paper work and time spent per patient.

Even though the app is paid ($29.99) and is developed only for iPhone, the number of users is growing.

You can find out more about this app here.

6. Drug Trials

drug trials app


Sometimes the known ways of treatments don’t work and doctors have to look for the clinical trials.

The app will help medical professionals solve this problem. And it will even provide the exact location of the clinical trials on Google Maps.

The application is free for iPhone users.


7. Xprompt Multilingual Assistance

xprompt multilingual assistance appWhat if you are a doctor who works in a foreign country? Or you have a patient who doesn’t speak your language? Xprompt Multilingual Assistance will help you communicate with patients.

The application has English, German and Spanish as pre-installed languages ($3.99 for the initial package), but you may extend it with other languages ($2.99 per language).

Unfortunately, there is only the iPhone and iPad version of the app.

You can find out more about xprompt multilingual assistance here.

8. Blausen Human Atlas HD

blausen human atlas hd appThe application will try to explain the medical condition to the patients.

It is one of the rarest apps that use 3D technologies which make the explanations simple and clear. This app includes the step-by-step descriptions of treatments and the body state.

This app is also available for the iPad.

You can find more about the Blausen Human Atlas app here.


9. Voxie Medical

voxie medical dictation appVoxie Medical app is great for recording patient notes and professionally transcribe them.

The application is designed to save the doctors’ time.

It is tied up to the Quicktate transcription service which allows notes dictation and automatic transcription.

You can find out more about this Voxie medical dictation app here.

Surely, this is not a full comprehensive list of all applications developed for medical doctors and physicians. However, the ones in the list are considered to be the most popular and useful apps for medical professionals.

(The article is written by Katerina Merzlova who is a tech writer from Intellectsoft, an IT company developing the best apps for iPad users. To stay in touch with the team the author works with, you can follow them on Twitter @Intellectsoft.)

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