Movie Review: The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

Jaime A. Heidel
Mar 20, 2011

I can still remember the first time I saw the movie, “The Secret”. I was in my mid-twenties and a serious upheaval in my life was threatening to move me toward a nervous breakdown. I sent out a cry for help on one of the My Space forums and somebody responded with, “What are you attracting into your life?” He provided a link to a movie he said I “absolutely had to see” and I watched the trailer for “The Secret”. Fascinated, I decided to watch the rest and an hour and a half later, I was a changed person.

Like Attracts Like

Have you ever wondered why bad things always seem to happen “in threes” or all at once? You wake up in the morning, stub your toe on the way to the bathroom, grumble as you get into the shower and the water goes cold before you’ve finished, soap gets in your eyes, you burn your toast, you’re late for work and the car stalls on the way?

Nobody wants to have a morning like that. The problem is, many people are living lives like that! One bad thing after another just keeps happening and the poor, hapless individual is convinced there’s a cloud hanging over his head.

What most people don’t realize and what I certainly didn’t understand before seeing, “The Secret” is that ‘like attracts like’. If one bad thing happens, there’s a way to turn it around before it becomes a bad day, week, month or year!

Thoughts Become Things

So many of us live in fear of what might happen that we actually attract it into our lives! For example, let’s say you’re worried your car might break down before an important trip or that you’ll miss a connecting flight before your business meeting. Guess what, according to the Law of Attraction, that’s exactly what you’re inviting into your life! “The Secret” reveals how to turn those negative thoughts into positive affirmations that will turn your luck in no time!

You Get Exactly What You Are Feeling

The Secret” not only reveals how what you’re thinking affects your life but how what you’re feeling affects it one-hundred fold! Some people say, “Well, if the Law of Attraction works so well, how come when I thought about finding money on the ground, it didn’t happen?” The same reason that when you get angry with someone and for a second wish them ill, they don’t suddenly combust into flames! The universe is designed that way so that everything we think doesn’t instantly happen. We’d be in trouble if it did. Instead, “The Secret” teaches you how to use your feelings to your advantage and attract wealth, abundance, health and happiness with simple, easy-to-implement techniques.

I Am So Happy and Grateful Now That….

Gratitude is so important when trying to turn your life around. “The Secret” encourages you to let go of all the negative things that are happening in your life and focus on the good. Write a list of all that you are grateful for right now and learn how to turn that gratitude into attracting more positivity into your life!

Suffering with chronic illness? Watch inspiring stories of a man who overcame a horrible accident and a woman who cured her cancer by using the techniques outlined in “The Secret”.

Struggling with financial woes? Who isn’t these days? Learn how to put the Law of Attraction to work for you to attract wealth and prosperity.

Want to lose weight? Learn how the creator of “The Secret”, Rhonda Byrne lost the weight she wanted with pictures!

This inspiring film is designed to reveal the hidden power you have always had within and help you take control of your physical and mental health, financial situation and life.

It has no religious affiliations and does not ask you to subscribe to any particular belief system. It simply states how the universe works and how you can put it to work for you!

(Jaime is a professional ghostwriter and freelance writer with a passion for holistic and natural healing. Her website, aims to validate those suffering from mystery symptoms, get to the root cause of disease and illness and help people heal naturally.)

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