Importance of Regular Detoxification and Simple Methods to Cleanse and Detoxify

Jessica Edwards
Apr 3, 2011

Not only was life much different fifty years ago, but also food was simply grown and sold fresh. Quality and not quantity was the product of this country. Times have changed with our growing population and new technology. This country thrives on quantity and mass consumption.

Food is fast and grown to be sold for profit not freshness. Tomatoes are injected with red coloring so they can be harvested early. Some apples you eat today have been freezing on ice for up to five years when harvest was at its peak. Profit, not health, is the focus of modern day American business in the food industry.

Meat and poultry are no different; they are injected with steroids and hormones to be sold at higher prices for heavier weight. Products are filled with preservatives to allow for longer shelf live.

Preservatives and Weight Gain

Unfortunately our bodies have not yet evolved to handle modern day preservatives in the majority of foods. So to ensure survival, preservatives are stored in our fat cells or compacted in the liver. Fat serves no other purpose than to protect and absorb dangerous poisons from life giving organs, muscle and bone.

So where does this leave America? We have the highest obesity average in the entire world. Children born in the years of the millennium have never had readily available quality meats, veggies and fruits unless they were raised on farms or were fortunate enough to have access to these healthy organic foods.

Even children raised on farms were susceptible to pesticides sprayed on crops. Pesticides are the number one reason allergies and asthma exist today. These toxins actually alter the respiratory system and can do so before birth.

Lemon in Water is simple way to cleanse

Lemon in Water is a simple way to cleanse.

Absorbers vs. Rejecters

Some people say” I am not fat so I am healthy”. Bodies handle these poisons very differently. There are two types of bodies: Absorbers and Rejecters.

Absorbers hold everything; they retain excess water and hold every ounce of fat they eat. They are also sensitive to sugar and salts, they battle constant fatigue, and they are usually suffering from constipation or IBS. This body type will yo-yo in weight, eventually gaining the weight back plus some in the long run. Later stages are your diabetics; absorbers usually suffer higher levels of depression and Obsessive Compulsion Disorder, hormone imbalance and addiction to food. Cancers target their major organs, active tissue such as breast and lymph nodes.

Rejecters are usually naturally thin types. They have high energy and low fat percentages. They are more prone to allergies, asthma and skin issues. They have a tendency to suffer from insomnia, anxiety, Restless Leg Syndrome, joint and back pain and ADD. These body types easily become addicted to alcohol, tobacco and prescription drugs. Cancer in these body types target bone, liver, lungs, brain and colon.

Why Detox Is Necessary?

Regular detoxification of the body allows the naturally absorbing and rejecting body types to retain nutrients, eliminate fat, maintain a strong immune system, build lean muscle and filter toxins through the lymphatic system, liver and colon naturally. The regression caused by an over toxic body is 100% fixable.

The cells in the human completely rebuild themselves every 11 months, each time with a new set of commands and obstacles to work around. As you begin to clean, repair and nourish your body, you are actually turning back time and allowing the cells to renew in an improved environment where they can thrive, rebuild and grow stronger than ever.

How to Select Right Detox Products

When looking for the right detox products, the important things to look for are products that contain milk thistle, dandelion and psyllium husk. The areas of the body that need to be seasonally cleansed are the liver, colon, lymphatic system and digestive tract.

Milk thistle, dandelion and psyllium husk are especially effective at cleansing the colon. Psyllium husk is a type of fiber that expands within the colon, sweeping it clear of impacted wastes and toxins as it naturally passes through the digestive tract. Milk thistle, dandelion and other herbs help soothe and stimulate the digestive tract and make an effective and natural colon cleanse.

While any good quality 21-day cleanse will improve overall health, keep in mind products that are taken in a pill form are harder to digest. If your digestive process isn’t up to par, try a powdered cleanse because powered products break down faster in the body and are utilized more easily throughout the system. There are plenty of tea, pill and powder based cleanses to choose from, although I do not recommend juice-based cleanses that contain a lot of fruit sugars and sodium.

Simple Home Cleansing

Home cleanses can be as simple as starting your day with a 16 ounce glass of lukewarm lemon water first thing in the morning. This will naturally cleanse the digestive tract and regulate blood sugar. Lemon is a powerful cleansing agent and when ingested lemon turns from an acid into an alkaline which keeps body PH in balance.

Natural foods that detox and cleanse are:

  • Raw veggies and fresh fruits for fiber, antioxidants vitamins and minerals
  • Fish oils and flax seeds for immune, heart and digestive health
  • Lemon water- digestive health and regulation of blood sugar
  • Dandelion –digestive health
  • Milk thistle- liver health

Make sure to hydrate during your detox! Flushing is a powerful tool in the cleansing process. A strong 21 day cleanse without proper water intake can make you sick.

Benefits of detox and body cleansing are better digestive health, normal bowls, clearer skin, reduction in allergy related illness, lower cholesterol, weight loss and improved focus.

(Jessica is a Registered Dietitian with a degree in Human Food Science from the University of Southern California. She has over 15 years of experience in the health and wellness industry specializing in bio- rehabilitation and cellular nutrition. She currently owns three nutrition clubs in Kansas and teaches health and wealth-building nationwide.)

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