Four Twitter Hashtags to Get Affordable Health Tips

by Anna Fox

Getting and staying healthy is difficult because of extra expenses associated with fitness. The trend towards healthy living often seems to bring out the worst in prices as companies look to cash in on the trend. Luckily, there are lots of great sources that look to do nothing more than to help you live better and live cheaper, all at the same time.

If living healthy on a budget is your goal, check out these four Twitter hashtags to get affordable health tips regularly (read more about using social media hashtags here):

1. #Workout

twitter screen for hashtag workout

This hashtag enables you to get tips and tricks while keeping up with what people around the world are doing to work their muscles. The #workout hashtag on Twitter is used by everyone from healthcare professionals to healthy living enthusiasts, offering you a wonderful source of professional tips and amateur ideas that typically won’t cost you a penny.

2. #HealthyEating

healthyeating twitter hashtag

Trade in your soda for juice and your french fries for fruit – the #healthyeating hashtag offers just what you’d expect: tips on low-fat foods that are particularly good for your body from people around the world.

Joining in on this Twitter conversation is an excellent way to get ideas that will please not only your belly but your taste buds as well. The general focus on homemade and fresh garden recipes ensures that even those on a tight budget can partake of the benefits of a better diet.

3. #HealthTips

healthtips twitter hashtag

Offering advice on everything from medicine and body care to exercise and better eating habits is Twitter’s #healthtips hashtag.

Used by doctors, nutritionists, chefs and more, this hashtag promises to bring hundreds of useful tips to your computer screen each day, each of them offering a profound look at how to be healthier in 140 characters or less!

4. #Exercise

exercise twitter hashtag

When it comes to improving your physical fitness, no Twitter hashtag has more to offer than the simple #exercise, a hashtag that focuses on providing tips and tricks to get your body moving, typically without the need for bulky, expensive equipment.

No matter your budget or exact goals, moving is a sure way to feel and look better. The tips offered via this Twitter hashtag aim to give you quick, usable ideas to tone up, even if your budget and free time are on the low side.

If exercise that relies on muscles and movement instead of equipment and accessories is what you’re after, this is the Twitter hashtag for you.

(This article has been written by Anna Fox who loves to share her ideas on health and self-improvement at and some other fitness-related blogs.)

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  1. Staying fit and healthy is not a big deal for those who are undergoing regular physical exercise, good and healthy diet and stress free life. It is always necessary to take good care of all these things to stay fit and healthy.