Five Inexpensive Yet Highly Effective Weight Loss Equipment Ideas

by Natasha Mesty

You don’t have to hit the gym nor do you have to get all sorts of fancy exercise equipment to maintain and adopt a healthy weight loss regime. It’s ironic how the modern lifestyle (especially the nature of our jobs) keeps piling up stress while reducing the physical activity at the same time!

Not everybody has the time to join and visit a gym on regular basis, and getting those exercise machines at home is sometimes even more impractical for obvious reasons. An average guy will think for a couple of times before going for a simple treadmill. Luckily, there are some amazingly cheap equipment that you can use for equally great results.

The following is a list of cheap exercise equipment ideas, which are easy on your pocket. With these simple yet highly effective weight loss equipment, you can burn a couple hundred of calories easily.

1) Jumping Ropes
Skipping rope

Any weight loss exercise plan is incomplete without the jumping ropes. One of the most enjoyable exercises, this equipment can burn a 100 plus calories within just 10 minutes of exercise on daily basis. Easy to carry and highly efficient, this is a must have for anybody looking to have a flat tummy.

Carry it around while on vacation and you won’t feel the need to hit the gym immediately on returning. You can even do it at work if you have enough space and freedom (and courage).

2) Dumb Bells

dumbbell and moneyLooking for some muscle training? Try the evergreen dumb bells.

Muscle training helps you lose fat faster. It is also an efficient way of toning your arm muscles while also giving you an easy form of exercise.

Just sit in a comfortable position and try lifting dumb bells while using tolerable weights.

Do not use heavy weights instantly. Always start from lighter weights and then gradually move on to heavy ones.

Health Pedal Exerciser

3) Desk-exercisers

Amazingly simple yet pretty helpful, this equipment allows you to burn calories without even leaving your desk (at your job). Desk-exercise is not really a single equipment. Instead there are many different equipment in the market meant for giving you a way to work out while working.

Of course it’s not as good as a proper jog in the park, but still something is better than nothing. Mostly there are two types: one is a pedal machine while the other one is meant for stretching exercises, which is particularly good because it helps relieves muscular tension that occurs due to long working hours.

The next time you feel a little stiff around the neck, arms or shoulders, all you have to do is to fix the two ends of the equipment on to a desk and just begin stretching! Not only it will burn calories, but it will also provide you with a much needed relief from tense muscles.

4) Wall Stretchers

Resistance Bands Exercise Set

If you aren’t comfortable with the desk-exerciser, you can instead opt for stretching equipment that you can attach to the wall.

All you have to do is to fix the equipment handle on the wall according to the level of your arms and begin pulling its strings!

You don’t have to visit the gym and use heavy equipments, when you can get a portable one cheaply. It’s quite an effective exercise for your arms, shoulders and even your abs.

5) Exercise Balls

Exercise ball
This one is slightly bigger than the aforementioned ones, but still it can serve many purposes. It can be used for strength training, weight loss and even for body toning exercises. Since you have to use your muscles to balance out on the ball, it can help build stronger muscles.

The exercise ball is also known as the Swiss ball. Although the ball appears to be pretty simple, it has proven to be highly effective in physical therapy sessions as well.

So there you are … Instead of worrying about spending hundreds of dollars on heavy exercise equipment and machinery or wasting months and months on trying to squeeze out some time from your busy schedule for gym, you can maintain a home gym with these very simple equipment.

No heavy expense, no extra space required, and absolutely no hassle involved. The only input needed is your determination and will power. You can achieve wonderful results as long as you are determined and keep moving forward.

 (Natasha is a weight loss blogger. She writes for Lean Cuisine diet, where she provides lean cuisine diet ideas and tips for people interested in losing weight.)

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