Frequently Asked Questions

1) How do I get my articles published in

If your article meets our article guidelines, we will publish your article. Please email your article to and we will review it within a week. Our decision to publish the article depends on (i) quality of the article, (ii) meeting article guidelines, and (iii) competitiveness of articles compared to the pool we receive.

2) How much do I get paid for each article?

If your article gets published in our website, you will get paid. The exact amount may vary from $20-$50 depending on the quality and length of the article. We do not pay for the articles in the web forum; so if you are interested in sending the article, please send it directly to

3) I am a meetup member and I saw a promotion about $2 off organic grocery at KC Organic Co-Op. What do I need to do to get the discount?

You will have to follow two steps in order to get this discount: (i) Like “Health on a Budget” in our facebook page, and (ii) Participate at least once by commenting at the end of the article. If you then send a note to (mention your username in the forum), we will add you to the list for members eligible for discount at KC Organic Co-Op. Next time when you buy your organic grocery at KC Organic Co-Op, mention that you are eligible for the discount.

4) Will the discount ($2 off organic grocery) be provided every week or every month?

The discount will be applied only once after you meet our requirements mentioned above. At this time, we cannot provide the discount every week or every month to the same customer. But if this changes in the future, we will let you know.

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