Editor’s Corner

Nov 9, 2010

Don’t you ever wonder that sometimes we take care of cars better than ourselves in the US? We pay attention to what kind of gasoline goes into the car. But when it comes to food, we just about eat anything as long as we don’t get sick right away. Sometimes the unhealthier the food is, the more we brag with our buddies at a cocktail party.

We think the main reason for this is lack of awareness of the importance of nutrition. Most of us have heard that saturated fat, high sodium content and high sugar content are bad for our health. However, we still keep eating food with high saturated fat, sodium and sugar everyday because we do not see the effects right away. If you eat contaminated food and get sick right away, then we complain, avoid eating that restaurant or maybe even avoid the same kind of food altogether. On the other hand, diet with high saturated fat, sodium and sodium won’t give you symptoms of sickness right away. So we keep gulping them for years while the body keeps building chronic inflammation slowly. Several years later you will notice the symptoms of high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer or any other kind of inflammation. It may be too late by then, but you will probably get temporary relief from medical treatment and continue to eat unhealthily despite advice from a doctor.

We have started this website to educate the benefits of eating the right kind of diet along with some exercise. Also, when we think of the word “healthy”, we think about expensive and bland food. In our opinion, healthy diet should not cost significantly more than unhealthy diet if planned correctly. So our goal is that the community in this website will help each other to live a healthy life inexpensively without sacrificing the taste of food.

Of course, we all have a choice between eating healthily vs. unhealthily; and spending most of the adult life in an active energetic life vs. spending your money and time in a hospital and prescription drugs. We have a choice to invest in a healthy lifestyle now vs. spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical care later in life. If you choose the healthy option, we hope that the community in this site will provide you support and tips to achieve this goal.

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