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juicing apples

Delicious Apple Juice Recipes for Beginners

by Matt Cruz Recently you may have heard about the latest development in apple juices – Arsenic in 10% of Apple, Grape Juice Samples Too High. As a result, more and more people are questioning bottled juices. When you are mass manufacturing apple juices, or any other juices for that matter, quality is always compromised […]

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omu-rice omelete

Ten Creative Ideas for Cooking and Eating Well on a Budget

by Nick Clipton Yes, it is totally possible to eat well even when you are on a budget! All it really takes is a little creativity. Here are some easy-on-the-pocket ideas to start with: 1. Soup-er Savings Soups are hearty and usually don’t cost a lot to make. Pureed vegetable soups are great. They’re not […]

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tofu stew in a bowl

Asian Tofu Stew Recipe and Benefit

by Sandhya Paudel Tofu stew is a delicious recipe from East Asia. Tofu is also known as soybean curd which is made by coagulating soy milk. It can be used in soups and stews. Tofu contains soy protein which contains all the essential amino acids that is required by our body. Tofu stew can be […]

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Fuji Apple Salad in a Bowl

Fuji Apple Salad Recipe

Fuji apple salad is delicious and great for lunch or dinner. If you are concerned about the preservatives at a restaurant or a grocery store, then you can make your own preservative-free raw sour cream as shown below.

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