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Tea or Coffee: Which Is Better for Your Health?

by Robert James Tea or coffee? When you ask this question you’re probably split between which drink will make you healthier at the moment or perhaps you want to make sure you drink the right stuff that give more perks in the long run. While water will always be the healthiest thing we can swish […]

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Foods to Eat to Improve Your Sleep

by Karen Wojciechowski Having a good night sleep is essential in maintaining physical and mental health. It is when we sleep that our body recovers and our muscle rebuilds itself. For kids, sleep forms an important part of their growth and development. Without adequate sleep, you could be increasing your risk of developing heart and kidney […]

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How Not to Spend Your Whole Paycheck on Organic Grocery

by Jett Murdock “Oh, I can’t shop at Whole Paycheck. That’s way too expensive.” I’m sure you’ve heard this plenty of times. Heck, you might even be the one that’s saying it. I know I’ve been there. Everyone in my family says it. That’s just common knowledge, right? Shopping at organic and health food stores […]

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beetroot pecan salad

Beetroot Salad Recipe with Health Benefits

by Thibah Irving For a good few years now, my father’s morning ‘green juice’ has actually been a deep reddish/purple colour, which has been cause for much confusion with my girls, who take great pride in the learning of their colours. He has been growing his own beets and in true ‘Grandad’ style, anything he grows […]

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