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Lazy Man’s Guide to Converting Yourself Into Someone That Takes This Health Stuff Seriously

by Jose Leon For any gym rat or nutrition enthusiast today, most of us weren’t simply born that way. Many of us, in fact, are at the point where we want to get there but don’t know how. This article outlines a step-by-step stress-free guide to getting ourselves into health and nutrition through ways that are […]

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Why We Love to Relax with Yoga Retreats and You Should Too!

by Audrey Throne  Yoga retreats are always relaxing and can help you take a break from life’s daily routine. These retreats are for people who enjoy a lifestyle of health and wellness as they can help you move out of your comfort zone into a space of growth where you also get to meet and see […]

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How to Naturally Overcome Stress and Anxiety Attack

by Noreen Fahad About 18% of the US population suffers from anxiety attacks in United States of America. Although drug therapy is often necessary and privileged, complementary approaches have more important role to play. Relaxation therapy, yoga or hypnosis can ease stress and anxiety and decrease the frequency or severity of seizures. If sweat trickling down […]

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4 Key Statements That Will Increase Your Long-Term Health Success

by Mark Cornelison “Last week you weighed…this week your current weight is…” These statements still haunt me a little. Anyone who is a fan of reality TV, especially The Biggest Loser, is familiar with these words. Every week people would tune in to see how his or her “favorite” contestants were doing in their highly publicized […]

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