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Mark's Before and After Picture

4 Key Statements That Will Increase Your Long-Term Health Success

by Mark Cornelison “Last week you weighed…this week your current weight is…” These statements still haunt me a little. Anyone who is a fan of reality TV, especially The Biggest Loser, is familiar with these words. Every week people would tune in to see how his or her “favorite” contestants were doing in their highly publicized […]

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dumbbells at home gym

Tips to Break Fat and Get your Dream Body Within 5 Months

by Monica May Many girls make the mistake of taking the first step to the gym, not knowing what they should actually do. They go in, see all those machines and weights, lose themselves, and end up on the treadmill. Well going to the gym without a plan is like going to a swimming pool […]

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running during snow

Six Tips To Conquer Running in Cold Weather

by Lauren Jones It’s that time of year, when the gloomy skies and unfriendly cold air make your workouts a freezing nightmare. If you are anything like me, you do not like paying for expensive gym membership fees when you can utilize so many different outlets of fitness that Mother Nature has to offer. I […]

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Top Excuses for Not Joining a MMA Gym

by Danielle Steffenhagen More often than not, introducing the idea of joining a mixed martial arts gym to someone automatically instills terror. Even just in the act of inviting someone to a mixed martial arts class results in some sort of excuse. Making excuses, otherwise known rationalization, is a defense mechanism that justifies and explains controversial […]

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