Astragalus Helps Prevent Colds and Flu and Has Several Health Benefits

Cold and flu season is once again upon us. If you often fall ill with the common cold or the flu during this time of year, astragalus may be the best natural herb you can take. Not only does it prevent and treat the cold virus, it also helps lower cholesterol and prevents the development of diabetes.

What is Astragalus?

Astragalus is a healing herb native to China and Mongolia. It has been used successfully in Eastern medicine for centuries to boost the immune system and heal various ailments. Its rich concentration of polysaccharides, saponins, and flavonoids make it the go-to choice to prevent and treat everything from the common cold to cancer.

Astragalus Boosts the Immune System and Prevents the Common Cold

Even in this day and age of modern medicine, there’s still no cure for the common cold so we have to settle for effective treatment and prevention.

The health benefits of astragalus not only stimulate the growth of antibodies and raise the body’s resistance to the common cold; it also helps increase white blood cell count. This offers optimum support for your immune system and keeps you up and running while those around you may be down for the count.

One of the many advantages to using astragalus instead of antibiotics is the positive affect is has on your immune system. Oftentimes, people will go to the doctor at the first sign of a sniffle or cough and receive an antibiotic.

This approach actually weakens the immune system by destroying not only harmful bacteria but good bacteria as well. This can leave your body weak, depleted, and open to further infection. Treating colds and sinus infections this way not only leads to dependency on the antibiotic but eventually leads to the development of antibiotic-resistant super-bugs.

More Health Benefits of Astragalus

Improves Digestive Health

It is common for people with acid reflux or GERD to avoid taking antioxidants such as vitamin C and zinc because it can worsen their symptoms. However, astragalus is easy on the stomach. Not only does it provide powerful antioxidant support, it also helps improve digestion. Astragalus naturally lowers stomach acidity while stimulating waste removal. It also increases metabolic rate, which can aid in flattening a bloated belly.

ŸLowers Blood Cholesterol

If you have high cholesterol, you may think you’re only option is to take a prescription drug. Fortunately, this is not the case. Many cholesterol-lowering drugs have terrible side effects associated with them including sexual dysfunction, fatigue, and debilitating muscle pain.

Astragalus lowers blood cholesterol by naturally preventing excessive amounts of fat from being absorbed into your body and preventing plaque from accumulating in your arteries. This allows more free blood flow and may prevent heart attack and stroke.

ŸCombats Herpes Outbreaks

Though no natural remedy can stop the spread of the herpes virus, astragalus has been shown to shorten both the duration and amount of herpes outbreaks.

Improves Cardiovascular Health

The health benefits of astragalus also extend to its ability to improve cardiovascular health by lowering blood pressure and strengthening the heart.


Scientific evidence has proven that extract of astragalus may work as effectively as anti-viral AIDS medications by boosting immunity and keeping the HIV virus under control.

Combats Cancer

The immune-boosting properties of astragalus can even extend to cancer treatments. Patients using conventional chemotherapy treatments may benefit from adding astragalus tea or extract to their healing regimen.

Helps Manage Diabetes

This medicinal herb also helps prevent and treat diabetes by lowering blood sugar and slowing or reversing the neurological effects of the metabolic disorder.

Slows the Effects of Aging

Forget expensive HGH therapy, astragalus may be the only anti-aging supplement you‘ll ever need. Astragalus helps prevent cellular death by slowing naturalDNAunraveling and progression. This helps slow and prevent every sign of aging from crow’s feet to arthritis!

Who Should Not Take Astragalus

As with all natural remedies and herbs, it is important to always take precautions. Women who are pregnant or nursing should not take this or any other herb without first consulting their physician. It is advisable that if you already have a fever not to use this herb. If you have any serious medical conditions or are taking prescription medication, talk with your doctor or pharmacist about possible drug interactions.

Astragalus was designed by nature to boost your immune system and prevent your body from picking up every flu and cold virus going around. Whether you’re trying to prevent the common cold or lower cholesterol without the side effects of prescription drugs, astragalus is the herb for you.

Boost your immune system with astragalus today and you won’t have to worry about colds and flu tomorrow!

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