5 Great Benefits of Vinyasa Yoga

by Jessica Kelley

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Vinyasa is one of the more powerful forms of yoga. It branches out from Hatha Yoga and has its basis in flowing movements where each posture is intimately connected with breath.

Yoga is synonymous with tranquility and flexibility, and yes you get all that with this particular series of yoga poses; however, it also focuses the mind on all the movements the body is making while really getting your heart rate up and muscles thumping. As a yogi practicing Vinyasa, you’d be breaking into a sweat that sinks deep and provides relief to your body and soul.

When Vinyasa is done at a fast pace it becomes more like Power Yoga. But true Vinyasa Yoga is about the intention behind your practicing the asanas and focusing on how you inhale and exhale when changing postures.

Based on the regimental practice of Ashtanga, this type of yoga may prove challenging if you’re a beginner. However, it has so much potential that can be explored by yogis at all stages. Expect this kind of yoga to be very dynamic, as it’s all about the correct linking to attain synchrony of both movement and breath consciously and unconsciously.

Commonly referred to as flow yoga, Vinyasa offers the body many physical benefits, but this unique style of yoga is also able to stimulate the mind and boost your health all over. What’s great is this style of yoga could be so creative and diverse that it never gets boring.

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Vinyasa Yoga is known to work on you mentally and physically to give a total body experience. It’s a popular type of yoga for a reason and we’re going to help you weigh a few of its many benefits so you can decide.

Here are five of the amazing benefits you’ll get from practicing this form of yoga:

1. Tone your Muscles and Gain Flexibility

You likely have a job that has you most of the day, and while this can lead to stiff muscles, Vinyasa yoga helps condition those muscles and increase your motion range and flexibility.

While flowing with the correct posture in Vinyasa, the continuous movements will allow you to stretch and elongate all your muscles as well as strengthen them and build lean muscle.

Because you’d be syncing your movement with breath, you’d be able to loosen your body all over and fuel your muscles too to reduce tears or injuries.

2. Provides Stress Relief

Like other forms of yoga, Vinyasa helps reduce stress and anxiety, make you feel more relaxed. Practicing it will increase your focus and mindfulness by helping you shun the static thoughts that may be running through your mind and causing higher stress levels.

Paying attention to your inhale and exhale as you transition from pose to pose has a real calming effect on your central nervous system. This benefit is of the reasons Vinyasa Yoga is popularly called moving meditation.

3. Inculcates Proper Breathing Methods

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Vinyasa forces you to concentrate on your breathing with each movement, so you become fully aware of how you breathe. In this form of yoga, the Ujjayi breathing method is adopted to help you use your lungs to their full potential by removing toxins and fill them up with as much oxygen as you can.

Proper breathing keeps you calm, heals your organs, regulate your metabolism and reduces the risk of many heart diseases, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes.

4. Offers Many Cardiovascular Benefits

Vinyasa Yoga could really be fast-paced depending on the way you approach it. It gives the body a full cardio workout by training and strength your joints, ligaments, and tendons. When compared to different forms of Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa really gets your heart pumping and blood moving.

Doing Vinyasa yoga involves getting the correct posture which often requires using a lot of energy to hold your body against gravity. This exerts equal pressure on your muscles, leasing to the burning of a high amount of calories and building of stronger muscles.

Focusing on getting some synchrony between your body movement and breath will increase your heart rate as much as the relaxing exercise you would be doing with this style of yoga. That’s not to say your body won’t be generating a lot of heat because it will and in a 1-hour class of Vinyasa yoga you could lose as many as 450 calories.

Weight loss is not necessarily why people turn to yoga, but with Vinyasa that added advantage is more than you’d get with other forms of yoga.

5. Improve your General Health

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There are so many physiological and medical benefits of Vinyasa yoga that together boost your general health and revitalize the body. Vinyasa yoga also drastically improves immunity and increases your well-being by reducing any risk of high blood pressure, diabetes or heart disease, all while making you stronger, more toned and flexible.

In addition to calming your mind, in your relaxed state you will be able to get much better sleep at night and go through each day less anxious and more attentive. Obviously as it works out your whole body with varied poses, Vinyasa will also help you lose weight throughout the body, from your shoulders to your legs, which again means you keep fit and stay healthier overall.


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