10 Healthy Breakfast Platter Ideas

What makes breakfast healthy? If you think your only options for a healthy breakfast are egg whites and unbuttered toast, think again. There are plenty of healthy and tasty breakfast options to please any palette. The difficulty many people face when trying to choose healthy food is looking for foods labeled “diet” or “low-fat”. These may be, in fact, your worst choices.

In this article, I list 10 healthy breakfast platter ideas that are healthy because they contain no preservatives, additives or colorings.

While not every breakfast platter idea on this list is ideal for someone on a diet, they are based on a whole-food diet plan and a better option than pre-packaged or fast-food fare.

1. The Gluten-Free Gourmet Breakfast Platter

Breakfast should be just as delicious on a gluten-free diet. For this yummy platter, you’ll need 2 Van’s gluten-free frozen waffles, toasted and smeared with organic almond butter and your choice of any flavor of Polaner’s all-fruit. Put the two pieces together into a sandwich and cut into quarters. Serve with 1 cup quinoa cereal topped with maple syrup and berries and one medium banana, sliced or eaten whole.

2. The Weight-Loss Wonder Breakfast Platter

If you’re on a diet, it’s important not to skip meals. For this platter, start with 1 cup of fiber-rich rolled oats cereal topped with honey and fiber-packed blueberries. Add 1 medium sliced apple, a cup of organic yogurt and 1 low-fat stick of string cheese.

3. The Dieter’s Delight Breakfast Platter

When it comes to muffins, the store-bought variety is full of chemicals, artificial sweeteners and additives. For this Dieter’s Delight, you’ll need to make them yourself. Get some organic muffin mix and add flax seed for fiber and fruit and nuts for flavor. Make them one day when you’re off from work and you’ll have them for the week!

Start with 1 fruit, flax and nut homemade muffin topped with butter, not margarine, a handful of strawberries and finish with a cup of creamy Greek yogurt. It’s thicker and richer and will leave you feeling full and satisfied without the guilt.

4. The Protein Power-Pack Breakfast Platter

Protein is essential to fuel your daily activities and keep you feeling full and focused for longer periods of time. For this breakfast, have two small eggs prepared any style, two slices of toast slathered with organic peanut butter or almond butter and a handful of fresh nuts and dried fruit.

5. The Chocolate-Lover’s Breakfast Platter

Chocolate is delightful and especially fun to have for breakfast. You can still keep it healthy if you know how to do it right. For the chocolate lover’s breakfast platter, start with organic pancake mix and dark chocolate chips from Enjoy Life Foods. Prepare a small stack of mini chocolate pancakes. Serve them with a Think Thin chocolate protein bar and a Chocolate Underground yogurt from Stonyfield Farm. If that doesn’t satisfy your chocolate craving, nothing will!

6. The Dairy Dream Breakfast Platter

Dairy is delicious and it’s good for you, too. Despite what you’ve heard about butter, it’s not bad for you. It’s a good fat that improves your digestion, so it’s fine in reasonable amounts. For the Dairy Dream, make a small omelet of eggs, vegetables and cheese and serve with one cup of cottage cheese and fresh pineapple or melon on the side.

7. The Northern Breakfast Platter

The Northern states are cold and those who live there sometimes want a stick-to-the-ribs type of breakfast. For this platter, you’ll have 1 cup of organic oatmeal, 1 light and fluffy scrambled egg, 2 pieces of whole-grain toast with butter and all-fruit and a cup of large-cut homefries with ketchup on the side.

8. The Southern Breakfast Platter

In the Southern states, you can put on a few pounds when you’re not looking. The food is healthy but it’s often fried. For a healthy Southern platter, you’ll prepare 1 cup of regular grits with butter and shredded cheddar cheese, 1 cup of organic beans (fresh, not canned), 1 biscuit topped with honey, and a slice or two of Neese’s country sausage (no preservatives) with Frank’s Red Hot on the side. (The cayenne pepper improves digestion.)

9. The Fruit-Lovers Breakfast Platter

Fruit is a delicious source of fiber, water and essential nutrients. For the fruit-lovers, start with one cup of your favorite organic cold cereal and top with berries. Next, add grapes, apple slices, bananas, melons or whatever fruit you choose. For a little protein punch, add a handful of organic almonds or walnuts.

10. The Vegan Breakfast Platter

Those on a vegan diet will enjoy this breakfast platter: 1 cup of hot rice cereal topped with fresh berries or bananas and maple syrup or sugar, 1 cup of hot lentils and vegan graham crackers by Grateful Grahams. It’s a sweet and savory combination that’s sure to hit the spot.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, why not make it the healthiest and start your day right?

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Jaime has a passion for natural health that developed around her discovery of her own gluten intolerance a decade ago. Since then, she's been dedicated to helping others find natural ways to heal their mystery symptoms.

2 Responses to “10 Healthy Breakfast Platter Ideas”

  1. I love the way you categorized breakfast platters for vegans, fruit lovers, gluten-free and northern region residents. I will try some of your platters in the morning.

  2. The food preservatives are in reality alarmingly dangerous for those who are planning to lose their weight.

    Fruit juices contain artificial dye and flavouring agents.